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<Cloud Nine> is a Spiral Knights Tier 3 Guild.

If you want to apply to <Cloud Nine>,
please refer to the "Recruitment" section of our site.


Guild meeting notes

flawedknight, Jun 16, 12 7:47 PM.
Welcome all!
The first thing that I'd like to make note of is the new website look and feel. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post in the forum website improvements section. There are tons of modifications left to do and out-dated info to clean up. We are working on it and we should be done in a bit

As always, we have many exciting things in the works around here, and we are just about finished with the guild enhancements.  Many of the modifications were inspired by the great work that our guilds creator Ashiram had established with a few minor tweaks.  One tweak that will be very apparent will be to the rank advancement section. While everyone really like the rank test system, there was one notable problem that we've seen with it. That problem is that many players with the skill to become officers, don't want the responsibility assosiated with the position, and just want to play. The flip side of that is there are many who want to contribute to the community, but cannot pass the play tests yet. As such we are taking Ashiram's NCO model and making a NCO -> officer -> GM advancement path for contributers to the guild.  The recruit -> member -> vet -> officer rank play test model will be retained but modified (slightly).  We will also implement even harder tests for our Hall of Heroes (HoH). If you pass a HoH test you will be permanently immortalized in the Hall of Heroes section of our forums.

The details will be posted on the site once they are worked out

As always I like to point out our contests as I have the most fun playing with our members Every monday night at 6PM PST I host a random PVE contest... prizes are usually very high. Every saturday at 2:30PM PST we will hold a lockdown (or PVP) event. Dead hosts his monthly contest.  We are bringing back Ash's forge, which everyweek a player will win a any 2* item of their choice with a random UV just for posting on the forums during that week... winner will be announced sundays. A guild bank is now implemented to help out players with crafting costs, please see the forum for details. 
I want to bring additional attention to the lockdown challenge. If you want to be a part of our lockdown team. please just show up for the saturday events, post on the forum or mail me in game. We are holding off on the vent server (group voice chat) upgrade until we get some higher online activity and the LD team in place. If you want to participate -- we will help you get the equipment you need to play and help you gain some skill if needed :)

The knight referal bonus is still in effect where you can get 500CE for pulling in new recruits. Please have your referals note you in the application where it asks if the applicant knows anyone in cloud nine

As always I highly recommend that if you are on the forum, change your account options to send you email updates for threads you subscribe to. You can subscribe to any thread you're interested in and no other emails will be sent out to you. This is useful for contest updates and news! No user of the site (even me) can see your email data.

-- Flawedknight

Message from the GM

flawedknight, May 25, 12 7:51 PM.

Hello Knights!

We have exciting things in the works around here, and are improving things every day. Here is a summary of last guild meetings meeting minutes, and some contest information. Firstly I’d like to take this chance to welcome our new knights: Olaudria, Knightgoddess, Mc-Wgiggia, George, and others! If you see someone you don’t recognize around, be sure to give them a warm welcome. Our officer staff has been working hard recruiting and we’ve on average been inviting one new member a day, or several a week!  Other tasks on hand for the Officer team:

Updating the website (just a bit)
Further strengthening the ranks
ouraging more group runs and training for rank exams

We would also like to note that there are several non-commissioned officer (NCO) positions available, and if you want to contribute to the Cloud Nine community, get official recognition for your actions! Benefits include: upgraded access to the forum site, access to officer meetings to help decide the future of the guild, invitations to member recruiting interviews and runs, and more!

Lastly, I would like to talk about our current running contests and giveaways! As we all know we’re working hard to make C9 move to the forefront of premier guilds in the game. As such, we’re welcoming a variety of new knights. If you have a few people you run with now, let’s bring them into the guild! Any current member who refers a friend of brings in a new member is eligible for a 500CE prize (provided they last a week and are a good member)! And now, our current running contest information.

The weeks contest is.... ROCKET MADNESS!!!!

The rules are simple:

1) contest area is the rocket puppy room in FSC
2) you must have at least one guild member... dead... watching your every move
3) you must kill all of the skellies in the rocket puppy room using only rockets from the rocket puppy
4) you may not use vials or your weapon for anything other than breaking blocks or hitting the ghost block
5) only 3 pills are allowed

and the prizes aarrrreeee:
100 CE for every guild member who can do it before June 4th (extra week)


Next week’s contest we are starting a bit early in the spirit of Memorial Day around these parts


Ayl’s  terrific tongue twisting tournament!

Due to inspiration from Aylnine’s recruiting page bump, I’ve decided that this would be a great contest.  The rules as always are simple:

Go to the official Cloud Nine recruitment thread
Enter a tongue twister or riddle (must be related to Spiral Knights)
Bonus points from me personally if you mention fellowship, the guild, or are clever/cute
Posts must be rated PG (if not you get a personal visit from me for the fabulous prize of a poke in the eye, or a demotion, or a sharp reprimand…. Maybe an evil scowl)
You *must* leave a signature with your character name and guild rank at the bottom

rizes are: 200 CE for the top 5 (Yes 5!) Entries! 

Judges will be our officer staff 

We also will have a LD contest on Saturday!! I originally intended to in game mail everyone weekly, but I recently discovered that our site will mail everyone already! If interesting in crazy contests and giveaways I highly recommend you change your account options to allow emails, and subscribe to the following threads: Flawed and Ayls weekly contest, Deads Delves, Saturday Lockdown challenge.  This should at least get you info about how to make some scratch away from running FSC or JK again, and again…. And….. again.  I’m going to work a way to put in guild updates in a similar subscribe / emailing members fashion

 *deep breath* and as always more to come, everyday and every week



GM of Cloud Nine

Latest update from Spiral HQ

flawedknight, May 17, 12 9:59 PM.

Hail, Knights!

We're pleased to announce that we hit a big milestone today, having seen the creation of our 3 millionth Spiral Knights account! In celebration, and as our thanks to all of you for playing, elevators will have no energy cost from now to Saturday, May 19 at 2pm PST. These two free days will be added to accounts that are using an Elevator Pass. Go forth and explore!

And if you would like to see a few other fun stats since launch, check out this info graphic:

With a squadron of Janitorial Jellies picking up after our celebration here at Spiral HQ, now seems like a great moment for us to give everyone an overview of the additions planned for Spiral Knights in the coming months...

More Missions and Levels to Explore!

New Missions and levels are on the way for everyone to experience. And for those that want a serious challenge, look out for the new 'Danger Missions' addition.

More Combat Options!

We're also going to be adding a substantial feature that makes battles more exciting and strategic. This is a tall order and will likely be released in stages; our first step will be a fun, new addition that we believe will represent a welcome change to the game. The most explosive addition to the game yet!

More Accessible DLC!

As has been previously discussed, we're working to make Operation Crimson Hammer giftable to all players. We'll keep you updated as we complete the multiple steps to make this possible.

Expanded Guild Features!

Over the last year of live production, we've received encouragement (in the form of comments on Facebook and Twitter, forum posts, responses to our surveys, and promises of delicious cake) from players asking us to add more functionality to guilds.

We take the need for active and relevant guilds seriously and are now turning our attention to this feature. This project will start with guilds having the ability to expand their halls, increase member limits, and furnish their guild halls. You'll even be able to purchase special features that benefit everyone in the guild! We also expect to expand guilds further in the future to bring a strategic aspect to guild play.

Thanks once again, everyone, for playing Spiral Knights! We look forward to hearing from you here on the forums, and we'll see you in the Clockworks!

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